Needles! Something at the sight of which I used to run away, the last thing on my mind was surgery.

Yes, It took me ten long years to finally go in for a surgery and never had I ever imagined that it would be the best and life changing decision of my life. If you’re comfortable in your skin and however that manifests - that is beautiful and mine manifested in the form of this surgery.

A decade ago, my Dentist had advised me to set right my chin as I didn’t have one. I never took him seriously, never. Maybe due to fear or maybe I was way too used to my face. Though I was a confident person, I started becoming extremely conscious of my face. My cheeks looked weirdly chubby, teeth protruding out and this constantly made me plan for a smile or a pose for a photograph. I always avoided looking down as that would bring out the worst profile and my hand was a constant fixture on my face to hide the defects! I was never carefree and natural as my face constantly made me conscious. Reality pricked me when a little boy (who I should thank) asked me why my entire mouth was protruding out in a weird way and that landed me in my Dentist’s clinic the very next day! I was then of course guided to meet the very best, Dr. Tauro.

I am so blessed and thankful to get a wonderful Surgeon like Dr. David Tauro. He truly has magic in his hands and can change lives. He has changed mine ! Always smiling and a true friend to his patients, Dr. Tauro is someone who knows his craft so well that you want to trust him with your face. Like I said before, I finally was ready for the surgery only after meeting him. He counseled me so well that it made me feel so comfortable with what I was getting into. I was so confident that nothing could go wrong and I was so right. It was a beautiful experience, from start to end. As promised by Dr. Tauro, the procedure was painless and it never left me with a scar, magic isn’t it?! Of course, post care is important and I’ve completed six weeks post surgery and I feel great!! I have got so many positive comments from people who have met me after surgery. NO single negative comment. People notice me and I know it is for a good reason, unlike before, I knew I lacked something and only Dr. Tauro could point out my defect. Today, when I see my old pictures, I realise why going in for this surgery was the best decision. Dr. Tauro has given me a new face, a new life which is filled with joy and confidence. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to do this for me - I got the best..!! I believe that body language is a powerful tool and this wonderful person has changed my body language to such an extent that I feel on top of the world :) Thank you so much.

SJ, Bangalore, India; Feb 2016

To say that I detest dentists and maxillofacial surgeons would be putting it mildly, the only exception to this is Dr. David Tauro.

Problems with my teeth, lower jaw and temporomandibular joints had forced me to see many of these doctors over the years, all of whom left me disappointed, frustrated and traumatized. My story began with 5 years of orthodontics, starting at the age of eight. I had to put up with a lot of pain, four teeth extractions, constant mouth ulcers and endless teasing throughout. Finally when the braces came off, it was apparent that my bad case of buck teeth had been corrected, but my joy was short-lived, as few years later, I began to notice that my front teeth were out again and something was not right with my lower jaw. Things had gone back to square one or worse. A visit to a maxillofacial surgeon on the advice of another orthodontist gave me the shock of my life – nothing more could be done to correct my teeth, what I required was jaw surgery to advance the lower jaw. I was horrified and scared, but decided that if it had to be done, it had to be done. However, I was advised against doing it in India at that point. So I waited, disappointed, increasingly conscious and unhappy about my teeth and jaw line, which was ruining my face and my confidence. I began to intentionally bring my lower jaw forward to try to look better, not knowing that in the long run this would erode my temporomandibular joints. I did this for many years, and finally began to realize that this was not a permanent solution.

I began my search for someone who could help me, hoping that by this time, surgeons in India would be doing a better job. I did find someone and went ahead with the surgery at the age of 21. It was the most traumatic time of my life. The recovery was long and painful, to such an extent that I would go to sleep at night wishing I would not wake up the next morning. To make matters worse, I was not satisfied with the results. I could see that the correction was minimal and barely addressed my cosmetic problem. On top of that I had terrible joint pain. Once again, I was disappointed and totally depressed. All that trauma for nothing. I still had to consciously bring my jaw forward to look the way I wanted. By this time I was also aware that there was already considerable wear and tear on my joints, and was warned that it would only worsen if I continued this habit. But in my mind, there was no other way I could face the world. A second surgery was out of the question. I would rather have had my toenails pulled out one by one. I went on like this for about 13 years, no one was aware of my habit of pulling my jaw forward constantly. My bite got worse, the joint problem got worse, my teeth started wearing out and there was some jawbone loss. Finally I accepted that I could no longer do this. But the problem was that I did not trust anyone in the dental and surgical field any more. So whom could I turn to? I debated going abroad, but that was not feasible. SURELY there HAD to be someone exceptional in India?

A search on the Internet one day for “best maxillofacial surgeon in India” turned up The Taulins Clinic and Dr. David Tauro. I was impressed by the pictures on the website. A lot of the patients had conditions that were worse than mine and the post op difference was amazing. Luckily he was based in Bangalore. I decided to meet him, but was still skeptical. At our first meeting he was surprised to learn that I had already undergone surgery and informed me that if it weren’t for the plates that were visible in my x-rays, he would not have believed it. In other words, there was a total relapse in my condition. Back to square one YET AGAIN. Dr. Tauro told me that he would be able to correct my jaw (normally this was an easy, routine procedure for him) but in my case, it would not be so simple because the old plates were still in, and 14 years had passed, which meant the bone could have grown into and over the screws and plates, so he would either have to remove them or try and find space around them to operate. I was reminded of the pain and trauma of my first surgery and was terrified once again. Dr. Tauro reassured me on that front – his technique was painless and the recovery time minimal. I spoke to a patient he had just operated on and she assured me of the same. I began to see a glimmer of hope. We had a few more consultations and I was all set for the operation, but a personal issue came up and I had to postpone it for a year.

I went back to him in March this year and we set a date for the surgery. I was still a bit scared, but was buoyed by his confidence and the evidence of his previous successes. I was admitted the evening before the surgery. Dr. Tauro took care of all my hospitalization needs and I did not have to worry about anything regarding the admission procedure, room etc. It was obvious that the staff at the hospital held him in very high regard and as his patient, I got first class treatment. On the day of the surgery, I was surprised at how calm I was. I saw Dr. Tauro’s smiling face at the OT and drifted off happily into a deep sleep. When I woke up, it was all done. My face was bandaged and there were two drainage pipes stuck to my throat. The surgery took around 4 hours. Dr. Tauro had originally planned not to remove the old plates, but when he opened me up he discovered that it would be impossible to operate with them in place. It was a struggle to get the 8 screws out and that took him an hour and 45 minutes. But once they were out, the surgery went smoothly. I was in a little pain due to a lot of maneuvering of the joints and my lips in the process of removing the screws, but it was nowhere as painful as the first time. Each day I improved by leaps and bounds, and on day 4, I was discharged. It’s been two weeks now since the surgery, I have had my stitches removed and there’s barely any swelling left. I am very pleased with the results, I can see such a difference in my jaw line and chin. I’m even more pleased that it was not that painful and not in the least bit traumatic. Recovery has certainly been quick. I now have to undergo orthodontic treatment for at least a year to align my bite for functional purposes, and I can’t wait to see the final outcome.

I will be forever indebted to Dr. Tauro and would recommend him to anyone who needs an excellent maxillofacial surgeon. I still distrust dentists and surgeons, all except him.

Nikki N, Bangalore, India; April 2015

My first consultation with Dr. David Tauro 2 months ago at Bangalore lasted for about 2 hours. He said many a times “I m not GOD” but whatever I do will be done to the best of my abilities to make me look better. People do say GOD exists but no one has met him. But I would proudly say I have met GOD.

I’m 29yrs old and have been visiting dentists since my milk teeth were out. I have faced a lot of problems with my teeth ever since. I have been a unique case for all the dentists who actually sweated it out while treating me. I went through a lot of procedures of extractions, root canals, tooth replacements, orthodontic treatment etc. A stage came when I started feeling scared of dentists and the dental treatment. Everyone treated me but no one paid attention or gave a permanent answer or solution to my actual problem.

I have a very small lower jaw or should I now say “ I HAD a small lower jaw” which was noticed by everyone. My facial profile made me lose confidence in myself in the social circles. Being a professional construction consultant I needed to build up that confidence and get implants done for my back teeth. But that wasn’t possible because I was told that I had already lost the vertical height of jaw and all dentists raised their hands up saying that I cannot have those back teeth replaced. I just don’t know why they couldn’t they tell me the option for surgical therapy for my jaws which could address both the issues with regard to gaining height and length of my lower jaw and chin as well as replacement of teeth later which would improve my facial appearance which in my opinion was ignored & neglected by every doctor that I have seen.

My sister who is a dentist specializing in periodontics convinced my parents to get my surgical treatment done, though that was a tough call to take & make up my mind for the same. Our search started for the best surgeon all over INDIA. After visiting many of them who just consulted for around 10-15 min none of the surgeons showed interest or the confidence in treating me. Neither did they suggest another surgeon nor did they give me a proper suggestion or solution. From this I could only conclude that I was a big challenge for any surgeon and that they were scared to treat me since they had no clear answers to my problem and they could not think of a solution for me. One or two suggested what is called distraction treatment for which I need to spend 1 month in the hospital and got me scared about the treatment. These issues were running in my mind and mentally I was depressed, back on my previous track to carry on with the same facial profile & without teeth.

Finally, one day on the 29th of November I got the reference of Dr. David Tauro through two of his former students who strongly recommended him. They confidently told me that he is the Michael Jackson of Maxillo-Facial Surgery in India & he would be the only one who would take up my case as a challenge. Without second thoughts, I immediately booked my to & fro air tickets from Pune to Bangalore for the 2nd of December (onward at 6 am and a return by 3 pm) keeping in mind the consultation would take an hour or so as per my past experience. But much to my surprise when I met Dr Tauro and told him that I had to rush to the airport by 12.30 pm to take my flight back he said “How can you go, when I have not checked you thoroughly yet & we need to get some scans done so that first of all I can come to the conclusion if I should operate on you or not.” And then I had to reschedule my tickets for the next day. And yes it is then I realized that I had found the surgeon whom I was searching for, for the past couple of months.

He examined me with great interest, observing my face from all angles, inside my mouth, the x-rays, the scans and the dental casts for quite a while. In the meanwhile, I was actually a little bit worried, frightened & apprehensive if at the end of it he would say sorry and decline to operate on me. I prayed to God to give him the courage to take up my case & sure enough after a prolonged & thorough examination of over 2-3 hours, (I feel God only finally gave him that power and the energy) he said “ YES.. THE GOOD NEWS IS THAT I COULD TAKE UP YOUR CASE BUT THE BAD NEWS IS THAT I AM NOT GOD AND CANNOT GIVE YOU WHAT GOD COULD NOT”. He explained to me the complexity of the surgery, the benefits and the complications, which boosted my confidence in him further. I decided to get the surgery done ASAP and we had the date fixed for surgery before we left according to his availability in two months time since he was traveling to the United States shortly.

Finally I arrived in Bangalore for the “BIG DAY” on the 26th of Jan 2015 for my surgery that was scheduled for the following day. But much to our surprise he said, “I would have been happy if you hadn’t turned up” & that left me a bit confused if he had changed his mind but then I realized he was joking & I could still see the confidence in his eyes to transform me into someone much more confident. I was operated on the 27th of Jan 2015 for about 6 hours. He said operating on me was a nightmare and that I was the most challenging case of his life. 48 hrs later when the plasters on my face were removed I just could not believe my eyes when I saw myself in the mirror… it wasn’t me, It seemed like a miracle & nothing else to all our family members. He did it and he really did. He is Dr. DAVID TAURO. Sir, today I would proudly say that YOU ARE MY GOD after my MOM and DAD. Such a dramatic change, I thought could be a possibility only in a dream and in fact it is much more than what I had even dreamt of. My family was stunned, wonderstruck & speechless because they never in their wildest dreams expected a change such as this was even possible by human hands. My family & I are extremely thankful & grateful to you sir for transforming me. I am short of words to express my gratitude for the new lease of life you have given me. You have given me a new ray of hope and you will remain in our hearts forever. Sir, our good wishes are with you always and we sincerely hope that God will give you the strength & the courage to transform many more unfortunate patients born with such deformed faces. Let God bless you abundantly with good health, wealth & prosperity.

And yes, last but not the least, undoubtedly it goes forth to say that I am a testimony to what someone said “Dr. David Tauro is the MICHAEL JACKSON of our surgical speciality”.

Suhas Shirbathe, Pune, India, Mob: 91 99755 19598


Doctor is God on the earth - I believe and follow it religiously. To those fast track content freak ones, this is just a thanks giving message to a marvelous doctor from the parent of a boy who was treated up on for a slight right adjustment of his otherwise crooked lower jaw. That is all. Do not read beyond this.

Sixth Sense

Welcome to my parlor for those who are a bit deep dig thinkers.

It is almost a year back that one evening my Angel-II complained of headache whiling away his study hour when he was casually asked of his dullness. Otherwise he would cheerfully engage himself cracking his study material and book sessions. The same night, I woke up to his disturbed movements in the bed by my side only to know further that he felt continuous pain at the temple of his head and he finds his mouth cramped. Discreetly, I just look at his face and feel that probably Almighty expects me to do something to make him look like an individual with ‘a correct face’ to face the world. Deciding to meet a Go(o)d Doctor – I go to sleep. Following day, the consultant general physician suggests first go to a dental institute before proceeding further in his case and recommends FMS as the best place in his case.

We enter the premises of FMS (Dilsukhnagar for the first time – for consultation and Koti, later for surgery part) and when we are still dwelling in the impressive ambience of the surroundings, the charming staff welcome us and guide us to the cabin of Dr.Srinivas Reddy (little did we know that we are going to meet some memorable people and poised for carrying beautiful moments from FMS with us for a long time to come). The soft spoken, friendly tone of Dr. Srinivas Reddy involves us in a casual conversation to have the first hand observations and steers us to meet one Dr. Vijay Reddy in another chamber. By the first look of Dr. Vijay Reddy – a mighty, frank and definite individual, I felt. Dr. Vijay Reddy asks the boy to lie on the ‘adjustable chair’ - open the mouth is the command - the clinical tools in his hands are like guitar strings - he pushes them into the mouth, studies for a few seconds under the shadowless lamps, suddenly while raising his hands &shouts “David”(word). That’s his casual expression of remembering an angel, so I thought. Taking a deep breath while asking the boy and me to be comfortable with ourselves, appreciates our decision to see the Doctor at least now, as the case would not yield a desired result at a later stage or age. Even now, the final call rests with one ‘Dr David Tauro’ and meanwhile the treatment should continue for about a year before that.

The case is, as explained by him – Somehow the lower jaw was compressed by the twin molar teeth of upper jaw and eventually the entire lower jaw got pushed back resulting in a visibly odd appearance of the boys’ face when looked at. Front view as well as side view. [Even I have a compressed lower jaw, may be genetic, but it never looks odd to the extent as my little angels’]. The impressions (with white paste like material that gets hardened with time after application) of dentures were taken. Dr. Vijay Reddy recommends for obtaining the X-rays of the dental structure, takes the photographs of the boy with his phone and keeps referring Dr.David Tauro (who’s that?) still I have no idea. Fixes the steel mounts and a steel clip joining (at this stage I am still to know the medical names of those steel structures decorating the teeth of my little angel (Son). I can call Dr Vijay Reddy as my kind of Zakir Hussain when he is at work with those instruments.

Visual treat was that?

Later the financial part was briefly explained to us while stressing on flexible and non-negotiable areas. Since childhood, from my first memory of meeting an Angel called ‘Doctor’, to this date – I was told – ‘Doctor is God on earth’. I hope I shall never have to change this belief in time to come. Angels at FMS have reinforced this. Thank you FMS (Face More than Smile). Travails A year passed with regular visits to FMS Dilsukhnagar and I could perceive a visible change of teeth attaining their normal position, of course causing a little bit of discomfort to the boy either to eat or sleep. But I kept saying ‘no pains – no gains’ my son. People at FMS are really good with their kind of reception and the way the other patients getting the treatment make me say whole heartedly that the culture at FMS is a class of its own. I place my regards for each one of them.

One day Dr. Vijay as if the case has come to a logical phase calls us to his cabin and tells us that we have to meet Dr. David Tauro once. I wonder, where is the need? Such a good Dr. Vijay has done his job neatly to our satisfaction- the face appears quite normal to avoid the surgical part. [Innocence is normally associated with children but age and maturity cannot erase it completely in people – I think I am a case]. I felt, what all I needed was to say Dr. Vijay, thank you very much for the good job and that’s it. He convinces me to meet Dr. David Tauro even if I don’t need to prefer surgery for the boy. Dr. Vijay again took photographs of the boy and his chant of meticulous presentation of the boys’ case to Dr. David Tauro surprises me to raise the curiosity level to know some thing about Dr. David Tauro and why he is paying so much interest in every possible attention to detail while dealing with Dr. David Tauro.

I asked? Who is Dr David Tauro? His only reply was – The best individual first and Doctor next, in the maxillofacial surgical field. Dr. Srinivas and Dr.Vijay take turns to tell how Dr. David Tauro is an example of a normal individual with burn, hunger and an ambition to be the best in a chosen field of the business called dental surgery, achieved the pinnacles of the game and still going, who did his PhD by sheer hard work while being a dedicated associate of a famous surgeon and went on to become a phenomenon. Dr. Vijay’s parting words were, - after you meet Dr. David Tauro, you will certainly feel, you met the right individual and would never regret in your life.

Way back home on our war horse for 15 years (my scooter) negotiating the chaotic traffic sense of Hyderabadis, I start admiring the imaginary individual called ‘David’ who had won such terrains in the hearts of his fraternity, particularly in times of cut-throat competitive environs which we live in.

Meeting the marvel

In the beautiful and by now familiar ambience of FMS, Koti branch we were received by the staff with the same warmth as we were getting at FMS, Dilsuknagar and as if we are well known to them. Guided into a cabin, we find a medium frame individual with sharp features. He looks young for description. That’s right, hard to forget piercing eyes. He has a sharp nose indicating ‘into the matter’ kind of attitude. The experience glows on his face. He possibly revels in his field. That’s the first impression we get. He introduces himself while making us comfortable and explains the case as if he knew the Alma mater of it. Few minutes spent in his room I am convinced that there is really something inexplicable about this individual. Here is ‘David’. Dr. Vijay was right. Dr. David Tauro is turning out to be a power to experience. The date of surgery was confirmed and the reassuring voice of Dr. David Tauro says bye for now and shall meet later.

The very word of surgery gives a scare to simpler souls like me. That too for my loved Angel-ii is a bit disturbing. Added to this - the part of surgery is “facial”. Not only that the place is very sensitive. This is not like any other regular kind of surgery to other parts of the body (not that surgeries to other parts of body are less risky but Doctors have become giant savers of life in other branches with them performing in innumerable numbers and the help of latest technologies is unquestionable in this regard). But, in my case, did I take a right decision? My child is a real Angel – (in a true sense too – hope someone by a mere look at him would endorse my view) gifted by Almighty and whether I am handling that gift properly by doing a right thing. Most of all I am answerable to his mother for every conscious decision I take on an otherwise normal kid. Lastly, the remote acquaintances I have in my friends’ circle have mixed responses and were not of usefulness in this case. Fear ran down the nerves when told that some failed surgical procedures to the face can cause damage to the nerves up to the brain, show long lasting negative effects in brain functioning in life and hence not worth taking a risk. Was even ridiculed for preferring the procedure out of the purview particularly when that is not covered under our available medical facilities and insurance schemes. Shutting the doors for all such thoughts simply pinning hopes and prayers in one Angelic element called ‘David’ I go to sleep.

The day before surgery, the boy was admitted for checking the suitability of his biological parameters for the procedure and we had a brief interaction with Dr. David Tauro. He briefed us about the surgery as if he has a marathon championship tournament the next day and inviting us to witness and cheer up his performance in the arena. When in the middle a call on his mobile interrupted his words, I could make out that he is going to join a party that night in a nearby decent food joint. He instructed me to leave the boy at his care and attention, go home to report at sharp stroke of 6 the following morning.

As was told the previous day, I report promptly and find the boy in a surgical gown. Get emotional a bit but hold back. A thorough disciplinarian he is, Dr. David Tauro greets a good morning with his everlasting smile and assures that everything will be ok within a short time. The surgery lasted a few hours for people like us but for Dr. David Tauro it is a matter of minutes. The time is spent with prayers (as they are my only means of survival) in the beautiful accommodation provided by the FMS staff. Around post noon Dr. Anand calls me to come and see the boy who is still under anesthesia. My God, I wonder what happened to my boy. He is moaning in pain is what I thought. Two tubes were protruding from the bottom part of the lower jaw collecting blood into a container. Plasters strapped around his cheeks. I cried. I could feebly hear Dr. Anand explaining how the hours long procedure was a success and how the patient would behave in a few hours. I was allowed to sit by his side. I get into introspection trying to gather my feelings on looking at the boy whose face is dark by now. But the attached medical equipment shows normal parameters of his postoperative status. Suddenly Dr. David Tauro appears in his suit from the side door while I was still wondering whether he did really do the operation all by himself or else. His voice greets me with a smile slowly and starts explaining how the entire episode went as per his plan. How he classically maneuvered the intricacies of the nerve joints at the junction of the jaw, diligence it took to handle the delicate muscles around and how other systems around would take care of. He looks at the boy as if he has just finished a laborious and passionate piece of artwork. I could see an innocent child narrating his genuine work while reporting to a parent and waiting for appreciation. As I could not speak much to reciprocate any of my feelings at that particular moment what all I could do was ask for a photograph of him with me. He was glad to gift the moment for capturing on the mobile. As quickly as he came, he left again assuring everything will be all right and complementing that the boy is looking more handsome now. Is it? I have no clue of it right at that moment.

Within hours the boy came to senses. Hesitating whether to ask Dr. David Tauro be around for monitoring the boy. May be it was not necessary, there was constant attention from Dr. Anand, Dr. Rama Krishna and the supporting nursing staff which was really remarkable. On the second day the tubes from the lower jaw are taken off and the bandage removed. The boy has to physically pick-up as he was only on liquids till then. If I am not mistaken for a mean individual I was still thinking where is David. He did the operation and disappeared. As if to clear this, without being asked and before handing over the discharge summary and medical certificate to the boy, Dr. Anand and Dr. Ramakrishna tell us in unity that they are his eyes and hands and that he has been continuously in touch and knowledge about the recovery status of the boy.

The Angel-ii is home and is on liquids for a week. Slowly semi-solid and solid food intake begins. Weekly procedures of attaching the tooth elastics as directed by Dr. David are meticulously followed by Dr. Vijay, Dr. Ramakrishna and Dr. Anand. I can see every one of them admiringly looking what has taken place inside the mouth of this little Angel and what did David do. I can compare their curiosity to that of a student learning the case in point to excel themselves in their academic endeavors.

Here we go

A month after the procedure, on an afternoon the Angel-ii and I were watching a television program amazing moments and mega-structures over National Geographic Channel. Casually I turned to look at my son – Oh boy what a transformation, ‘David’, I shouted spontaneously. David - what did you do to my Angel – ii, my son? Did you just give a finishing touch to a beautiful creation of Almighty, which was perhaps ordained only to you? And we are all just tools in this His framework. Probably, for the rest of my life I shall remember you my Dear David for giving that chiseled looking face to my Angel–ii. Had it not been an association with FMS this minute but marvel transformation of his face could not have happened. Thank you Dr. David Tauro, thank you so much. We shall cherish the association with FMS and especially you in times to come was all I thought. Perhaps this image of him is what Dr. David Tauro had in mind when our case was referred to him, all through the operation procedure, and he was giving us all the assurances with this kind of back-up experience and clear forethought about this and perhaps in any other case. Marvelous David. “Your work was spoken in awe by your contemporaries first and then I got to see it in real”. That’s why in every paragraph mostly the word ‘David’ has a mention. What kind of other riches a blessed individual can expect in his life.

Hope the narration of feelings or sentiments, whatever one may call, which flew from the bottom of my heart, leaves a little genuine impression on FMS even in one reader, then it would be fulfilling to me.

Tailpiece: After the entire episode, in one of my peaceful moments, it somehow replayed in my memory recall. My late father was a great individual, had maintained high moral standards, an accountant by profession, led a simple life, was endeared by kith and kin and whoever came in contact with him in the social circles. He always carried that charming million-dollar smile on his face in all situations. He is a colored individual of medium built frame. Once on a pilgrimage visit to the jungles near Himalayas I accompanied him to meet a saint. Because my father is my first Hero, I asked the saint, what was my father in his previous birth? The saint nodded his head, closed his eyes, after some moments looked at me and said,“He was a wonderful surgeon by profession” Now, shall we call this coincidence or sheer providence.

Ramgopal M. Sreevatsa; Mob: 91 93940 11048

I am an IT professional from Bangalore. This is about my journey with regard to the treatment I underwent with Dr. David Tauro.

I had a breathing disorder since childhood & I was facing a lot of difficulty breathing during nights resulting in repeated episodes of awakening in the nights. I used to wake up in the mornings with a stuffy nose and a choked dry throat and often I use to suffer from bleeding. Because of such symptoms, my sleep was very much disturbed & I had very little sleep during nights, with a feeling of heavy headedness & sleepiness during the day.

I got the reference of Dr. David Tauro through one of my friends and much to my surprise the first consultation with him went on absolutely on a very friendly note. Dr. Tauro is very friendly and he speaks to all his patients very calmly and clarifies your doubts very clearly on the treatment plans. Dr. Tauro initially spent time on getting all the diagnostic reports, spent a lot of time studying my case and then made things very clear to me about the treatment plan. Primarily the treatment plan was to increase the airway space and the secondary cosmetic changes that came with it would bring about a drastic change in my facial appearance which he said would be a bonus for me where he would turn my squarish face into a more oval and elongated one making me look much younger than I appeared to be.

I went through a major surgical procedure under general anesthesia for sleep apnea on April 14th 2012. Prior to the operation I was quite apprehensive & scared about such a lengthy procedure. But much to my surprise I was discharged from the hospital on the 3rd day.

I realised Dr. David Tauro is well known for his perfection in his work. He is very talented and treats his patients with a lot of care. Following the treatment I could observe a drastic change in my breathing function and of course the facial appearance as advised. I can now sleep comfortably at nights and feel very relaxed during the day. I feel very fortunate & blessed to have met Dr David Tauro & have the treatment done with him.

S Shivanna, IT Professional, Bangalore.

First of all a big thank you to you Dr. David Tauro, I'm really glad that I made the decision to choose you as my surgeon !!

From day 1 he really made me comfortable. He was attentive, patient and he knew what he was doing and his staff was very friendly and cheerful :) I was always self-conscious about the way I looked. I wanted an improved profile so as suggested by Dr. Tauro, I went through a sliding genioplasty (chin job) and rhinoplasty (nose job) and I'm totally amazed , the surgery was totally painless and thanks to the nurses at the hospital for taking good care :) and I'm two weeks post op, I cannot find any swelling in the chin area and my jawline looks more defined. I am pretty amazed about the minimal swelling on my nose and here comes the best part - Dr. Tauro said it's just 50 -60 percent of the result as I'm just two weeks post op. He also said it's gonna get even better with time !:D So if you are someone who is self-conscious about your looks, I'd definitely recommend Dr. Tauro and I assure you you'll be in safe and the best hands :D !! Thank you so much once again !! Happy Landings :)

Capt. Jaikiran V, Bangalore, March 2017. Mob: 9738723301

I had a depressed and deviated nose due to an accident in childhood which affected my personality.

For many years I suffered from humiliation, lack of self-confidence, silent laughs and irritating questions from my friends and people around me. I was very depressed and I couldn’t explain the mental pain that I was going through. Then by God’s grace I got to know about Dr. David Tauro and his work. That brought me hope. After consultation, I was sure I wanted to get surgery with this doctor only, but my parents refused to let me get surgery at all. It took me a lot of time and finally I managed to convince my parents about nose surgery. Now it's been 2 weeks since Dr. Tauro has operated on me. I proudly can say that I won against the humiliation. It was worth it. Dr. Tauro took such good care of me from start to finish, I was comfortable and confident. After seeing me now, my family who once was against surgery is happy and they tell me it was a good decision. Thank you Dr. David Tauro, you are simply magnificent. I feel so confident now, the best decision I made.

Jonah Ambrose, 19yrs, Davangere, India. January 2017. Mob: 9035446495

It has been about 2 months since I had surgery done on my jaws by Dr. David Tauro.

He performed my surgery in less than 4 hours and I have had a complete & excellent recovery. It is my dentist who suggested to undergo this surgery a few years ago for which I consulted a couple of surgeons who all terrified me about the pre & post-surgical procedures & consequences before I met Dr. David Tauro.

Almost all the doctors that I consulted had so many conflicting ideas about the surgery, the post-surgical care & anticipated consequences that they literally petrified me so much that I would run miles away from the idea of getting my surgery done & I would drop the idea of getting the corrective surgery done every time I met a surgeon

Interestingly, these are some of the opinions I have heard from some of the doctors that I have seen,

  • A dangerous procedure of 12 hrs of surgery time
  • Locking up both the jaws without being able to open the mouth for 2 months with just a little space left at the corner of the mouth for taking only a clear fluid diet
  • Complete bed rest for 3 months
  • Avoid sunlight for 3 months
  • Avoid traveling for a year
  • Pain & Swelling for 6 months

And many more such opinions that felt like a hindrance & obstacle to undergo surgery, which left me in a state of worry and disappointment

Hence every few months I used to visit another doctor but always was disappointed hearing the difficulty of the procedures. I was then fortunate enough to be referred Dr. David Tauro, who diffused all my fears and tensions regarding the surgery as well as the pre and post-surgical issues & assured us of a positive outcome. My first consultation with him itself was a turn around for all of us since he dispelled all the wrong ideas, notions & opinions that were ingrained into our heads from all the past consultations. He made it appear to us as if it were such a routine & common procedure that he performed & that all the concerns that we had appeared ridiculous to him. We were so impressed by him that we ourselves urged him to perform the surgery as soon as possible. All I can say is that any fears or obstacles I had regarding this surgery just vanished from our heads after the first consultation itself with Dr. David Tauro because of which I went into the operation theatre with confidence & a calm mind.

I was admitted to the hospital just the evening prior to the day of surgery. I only recollect going into the operation theatre and when I woke up it was all over. Did not even realize that I went through neither such a procedure nor the duration of the procedure only to wake up to see some plasters on my face. Even 24-48 hours post surgery I just felt that I had gone into the operation theatre and out since the swelling was hardly anything and minimum to non-existent pain contrary to what I had heard from my previous consultations. I was then discharged on the 3rd day and was able to travel back to my hometown comfortably from Bangalore without any hassle.

Within 12 days the stitches were removed after which there was a dramatic and a pleasant visible change on my face that took all of us by surprise, which is something that we never expected. Two months since then I just can’t believe that a corrective surgery was performed on my face. I am now leading a regular day-to-day life without any hindrance or an evidence of surgery on my face. My parents and I are forever indebted to Dr. Tauro who has done a marvelous job of my face. Dr. David Tauro is an artist par excellence with great passion and dedication towards his profession. May god always shower his blessings upon him & his family. We shall always think of him as our angel who has helped us overcome our obstacles and has brought a great deal of self-confidence in myself. We wish him all the very best.

Fathima Firdose , Engineer, Mysore, India Mob: 91 96207 98786

I was looking for an improvement in my facial appearance and I thought I needed jaw surgery.

In my search for a good surgeon I came across Dr. David Tauro who today in my opinion was God sent for me. “I thank Doc David profusely for his brilliant work which made such a difference to my face. I had a pouty look on my face, which made me very unhappy and depressed.

I was seriously contemplating jaw surgery and had a consultation with the doctor specifically for that. The doctor being an expert in the field of facial surgery demystified my myth and suggested a genioplasty (chin advancement) & a rhinoplasty (nose surgery) for my face. Even though I was adamant for a jaw surgery he took a lot of time to explain to me as to why jaw surgery was not meant for me.

I was very apprehensive about the entire prospect of surgery but had blind faith &trust in the doctor's expertise and passion for his work.I am grateful to doctor that he did not push me for jaw surgery though it is more extensive & expensive than genioplasty. I can never thank him enough for that.

I am so glad that I mustered the courage to go ahead & get both the procedures done. The genioplasty & rhinoplasty has produced a dramatic change to my appearance and today I feel extremely happy & confident about myself. Thanks a ton doctor :) :)"

If I may suggest facial surgery to anyone, without doubt or any hesitation Dr. David Tauro is the only answer for me & I strongly recommend him.

Ramya Reddy, Hyderabad, Mob: +91-99453 73585

I had a gummy smile correction surgery done by a surgeon 2 years ago, whichin my view went so bad, that I consider it a disaster of my entire face& personality.

He cut so much of my upper jawbone which made me look like an old woman. My upper teeth could hardly be seen and the visibility of my lower teeth was so much more than the upper teeth while I spoke, smiled or laughed. I felt so horrible about my appearance and was terribly horrified and scared to see myself in the mirror. I developed such a complex that I refused to get out & mingle with friends and family and stayed indoors most of the time. Every morning I would wake up, look into the mirror and only cry & cry & cry& curse myself for having gone through this horrible operation & messed up my face.

For the last two years I went into a major depression wondering what to do and I was not quite sure if I could ever find someone who could undo the damage done and get my original face back. In desperation I was on the internet all the time and also made enquires with a lot of my fiends trying to find out if I could get a good surgeon who could help me out of this. I was desperate to get my face backand prayed to God everyday asking him for help and one fine day God really heard my prayers and sent me a savior in the form of DR DAVID TAURO, who in my opinion today I truly believe is my savior sent by God. I got his reference through someone and when I googled him I realized that he probably is the only one who could find a solution to my problem.

Without any hesitation & delay, I immediately set up a time for a consultation with Dr. David Tauro and it was a pleasure meeting him. He was very cordial & very patiently heard my story, took a lot of time to look at all the x-rays & examine me carefully & studied my case thoroughly,while I kept my fingers crossed hoping that he would come up with a solution to help me out. When he was done & said that he could operate on me I was overwhelmed, overjoyed & speechless since most of the doctors who had seen me earlier refused to do anything and said that nothing could be done to reverse things.

I went for another repeat consultation and Dr. Tauro studied my case over again, the date for surgery was finalized and more or less assured me to get my face back again as I desired. I was operated on both my jaws whichtook about 4 hours. I was absolutely comfortable after surgery, with hardly any pain or swelling, started on a liquid diet the following day and was discharged from the hospital in 48 hours, which I never expected. In two weeks time I was back to normal and I never felt that I went through another surgical procedure. I just couldn’t believe my eyes that my face looked perfectly back to normal as desired and I also regained my smile back to what I wanted. I really thank God for working out this miraculous reversal of my face through Dr. David Tauro. I must say he is a genius who gave my face back to me exactly as I wanted and I love to see myself over & over again in the mirror which I dreaded earlier.

I am really short of words to thank Dr. David Tauro for making this unbelievable thing happen. If anyone out there is looking for any kind of a face correction, it is needless to say that Dr. David Tauro is the answer. After my previous bitter experience I realized that all you need is, to be in the safe & secure hands of a compassionate & experienced surgeon.

F.A., Bangalore

My dentist recommended me for a maxillofacial surgical procedure for my jaws a few years ago.

The surgeon I first consulted told me the process could take about 10-12 hours with a prolonged recovery period. Thereafter every few months I visited a new surgeon I still remained doubtful and was not quite sure of getting the procedure done. My parents were absolutely scared and almost 4 times we almost decided to get it done and declined the surgery.

Finally my parents and I were fortunate enough to get the reference of Dr. David Tauro, a reputed surgeon in the field. At the first instance itself he assured us of a positive outcome with no significant drawbacks with regard to the procedure. We were so impressed & convinced that we ourselves urged him to conduct the surgery at the earliest. In just a weeks’ time we got the procedure done and the operation was completed in about 4 hours.

He completely dismissed all our fears and misconceptions regarding the surgery with great patience. We are all thrilled & indebted to Dr. David Tauro for the extraordinary job & the amazing outcome. My parents believe that an angel in the form of Dr. David Tauro has made us overcome our obstacle. We feel mere words cannot just express our gratitude and appreciation for the wonderful job that he has done. He follows the motto of simple living & high thinking, with great passion for his work & lots of care & concern for his patients.

Fatima Firdose, Mysore, India, Ph: +91 98869 90734

This is a testimony written to thank Dr. David Tauro, the surgeon in my life who without any doubt made my 22 year dream come to true.

I am very grateful to you Sir, as I never expected that a change of faceof this nature would ever occur. I have faced many a humiliation since my childhood and the only thing I thought & hoped was that someday time would speak for itself.

Sir, this surgery meant a lot for me. Do you realize I used to edit my photos many times whenever I felt bad but now am happy that it is no more required. Following the marathon surgery of 6 hours and the moment the plasters on my face were removed at 48 hours, I was totally surprised and could not believe my eyes when I saw that phenomenal change of my face that had transformed me into another individual altogether. The change was beyond my expectations and my joy knew no bounds.

When you got my orthodontic treatment started two years ago, I was very happy, because as I had consulted many doctors from the age of 9 years and no doctor came forward to deal with my case to help me out as it seemed to be a very complex case. I underwent a procedure called distraction at the age of 12, which was carried out by a group of British surgeons. I only went through great suffering, pain and agony, the end of which yielded no results at all, except bad scars on my face. Sir, I am extremely happy and feel immensely indebted to you, first of all for having taken up my case as a challenge and then having worked on it anticipating all the complex issues and problems over the last couple of months. I sincerely appreciate the entire mental struggle & sincere efforts you put in to emerge with the most certain and concrete plan to make my face look normal. In fact, the pain, suffering & humiliation I went through in the past, whichwere lurking in my mind has been completely wiped away by you Sir. I would like to reiterate again and again that you have done a wonderful job par excellence much beyond everyone’s expectations.

I would like to thank my parents for their support without whose effort I would not have been normal. Also I would like to thank everyone who was with me in the need of the hour. We all believe in God almighty for having created us but to me Dr David Tauro is someone I believe God has worked his way through in restoring my face to normal and for me he is more than a saviour. “Thanks” would be a very small word for the eternal & unforgettable gift that you have given to me. Sir, I cant thank you enough and my gratitude & indebtedness is always with you forever. .

Y.V. Anil Kumar, Hyderabad

I had a very bad snoring problem and after going through sleep experts, I realized that I suffer from severe obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

I had some radiofrequency surgery done for my upper airway (soft palate) by an ENT surgeon in Hyderabad, which did not produce any improvement in reducing my sleep apnea problem.

I surfed the internet to have a complete understanding about sleep apnea and possible remedies. Recently, I got transferred to Bangalore and I happened to visit many corporate hospitals in Bangalore seeking a solution for my problem. I had several consultations & discussions with various doctors but none gave me any convincing solution given the fact that I had considerable knowledge with regard to my problem.

Then I came across Dr. David Tauro on the internet and I just thought I would try my final chances with him for a remedy. I went to consult Dr David Tauro and the first consultation itself seemed very convincing which also gave me a lot of confidence. Dr. Tauro gave me a clear-cut explanation of my problem of a retrusive lower jaw & chin, a deep bite and its relationship to sleep apnea. He also explained to me about the entire procedure that I needed to undergo and the inevitable cosmetic changes that would occur to my face. Although I realized that the doctor was absolutely certain & confident about the diagnosis & treatment plan, the complexity of the surgery required for my problem put me off for a while and I was still hesitant to go through the procedure since I did not know the doctor personally. In the meanwhile, I contacted a couple of patients whom he had treated in the past who gave me a very positive feedback and a moral boost to get the surgery done with no second thoughts which gave me a lot of confidence.

Finally, I went through the surgical procedure and as assured my recovery was very smooth & comfortable and I was back at work in just about two weeks. The doctor had taken full responsibility to cure my sleep apnea problem and also to take care of the associated cosmetic changes. I must say that the results are very impressive and my airway has improved significantly. I also look younger and my deep overbite is corrected. I believe I am cured of my sleep apnea 100%. I strongly recommend Dr. David Tauro to anyone who wishes to undergo facial surgery, be it for functional or cosmetic reasons.

Venkatesh M., IT Professional, Bangalore

I am a business consultant working for an IT company, moved to Bangalore a couple of months ago.

I was always conscious & concerned about the projection of my upper jaw & teeth, which constantly bothered me and affected my self-esteem. One of my friends referred me to a renowned orthodontist of Bangalore, Dr. Akshai Shetty who identified my problem as a surgical case and in turn referred me to Dr. David Tauro.

I met Dr. David Tauro the following day with a prior appointment and much to my surprise the consultation never felt like one, as it was such a friendly conversation. Since he had received all my reports prior to my meeting, he was well advised about my case. He mentioned that, the problem lies in my lower jaw that is far behind which makes my upper jaw look projected out and hence the lower jaw needs to be operated and advanced forward. Also, he said that I have a receding chin that makes it worse and hence we need to focus only on the lower jaw.

Initially I was quite skeptical to begin with, as I never had any surgery in my life. I didn’t inform my family about it and was quite worried about the consequences. But deep down I was absolutely confident that I was in the safe hands of Dr Tauro. However, I went through a surgical procedure for my lower jaw on the 29th of August 2014 and was discharged in less than 48 hours on the morning of 31st August. Except for a negligible swelling & discomfort for a week with regard to eating, I had no pain or any problem whatsoever, after having heard and read so much negative about this kind of surgery from friends and the net. I just could not believe that I could go back to work in just two days after discharge from the hospital.

Following the surgery, I see a beautiful change in my face and a lot of compliments keep coming my way from my friends & relatives. I really feel fortunate to have fallen into the hands of Dr. David Tauro and without any hesitation I would blindly recommend him to anyone & everyone seeking a change in facial appearance that could make them more confident and have a ‘Feel Good Factor’. Doctor, thank you very much for bringing about such a great change in me, in terms of appearance & a tremendous boost in morale.

I wish you all the success & the very best in life.

Sarika, IT Professional, Bangalore.

I was looking for a cosmetic improvement of my face & I did approach a couple of doctors in bangalore but was not satisfied by the procedure they explained to me for my chin and nose problem.

I had some sort of an injury to my face during my childhood due to which my face used to look very small.

After a long search, I came across "The Taulins Clinic" website and then I just decided to give it a last try and went through this website, the very next moment took an appointment and the day I met Dr. David Tauro at the Taulins Clinic I was very much comfortable and confident enough to discuss my problem..there was the end of my search and I realised that this was the right place for me to undergo a nose and chin surgery..trust me I not only had a friendly environment but also had a warm approach towards my problems from day one.

Prior to surgery I was a bit scared but Dr.Tauro assured me that I am in safe hands..it was like an angel disguised as a doctor to make my wish come true. Post surgery I did not have any problem & on the 3 day after the operation I was discharged from the hospital. After 3 months my nose and chin looked so perfect..today I feel very confident & love to look at my self in the mirror and I do get my pictures clicked pretty often

I feel I am very lucky to get my nose & chin surgery done by Dr.David Tauro. Thank You SOOOOOOOOO much doctor

Seema S, Bangalore

Our Son Ravi was recommended for Anklysis surgery by one of my close friends & we were extremely fortunate to get the ref. of Dr. David Tauro

My Son had TM joint ankylosis problem since childhood and with his inability to open his mouth, my son & we have gone through a very painful & tough period of fourteen long years. He has been unable to eat, speak or sleep properly & my wife & I have spent sleepless nights due to this problem. He underwent major surgery in one of the reputed hospitals in 2002 which did not go well at all & he went through a very torturous phase both before & after the operation and due to this improper surgery, the mouth was hardly opened and the result was totally unsatisfactory. All of us were very much disappointed and in fact we lost all faith in doctors, future medication or the possibilities of surgery and literally cursed God for putting us through this hardship.

In 2005, I came across one of my friends from the medical community who suggested the name of Dr. David Tauro who in his opinion was one of the best & reputed surgeons in the country who would definitely help us in this regard. Without much expectation & a lot of uncertainty & reluctance we approached him for further treatment without any hope. But much to our surprise he gave us a lot of hope, confidence & courage for the next operation. Although he appeared very confident, without much hope or any great expectations we still decided to take one more chance and go ahead with the surgery.

Dr. David Tauro successfully operated on my son on 12th Feb 2010 and made the operation unbelievable for us. For the first time in 14 years we could see our sons tongue & the mouth wide open more than 4.5 cms and believe me my son was discharged on the 3rd day after the operation. We parents have not seen God but we could see him in the form of Dr. David Tauro. My son is now absolutely normal, has grown 18 inches in height and from 30 kgs to 50 kgs in weight in the last 2 years.

We are short of words to express our feelings and gratitude to Dr David Tauro & we feel deeply indebted to him. Dr. David Tauro is par excellence both as a professional and a humble human being. We feel so privileged and blessed to have met him & he will be in our hearts forever coz we see him through our son everyday.. May God Bless him abundantly and give him the strength to serve many more patients who need his expertise.

Ramesh T Channal, General Manager, Belgaum, 9900922299

If I have to name a person who made a remarkable difference in my life with his surgery, that would be Doc David.

My name is Keerthana who underwent a mandibular setback surgery with Dr David Tauro. It was such a perfect surgery n I am very happy, satisfied and confident with my face now. I have to mention that I had gone through a bad surgery earlier with some bad surgeon and was left with a reverse bite. I went through a horrendous phase of trauma & depression & I lost all faith and trust on doctors. With this I started doing research on all the surgeons n dental doctors available in the country and look through their work n cases before I could consult & seek advice to sort out my problem. After a lot of effort & research, I came across Dr. David Tauro... who now in my opinion is one of the best surgeons in the country to handle any facial problems or deformities. After such a bad previous experience, meeting David Doc gave me hope in my life again.

I started my interaction with him regarding my corrective procedure & finally I had my surgery done with no pain n no swelling at all. Though it was a jaw surgery & I was advised to refrain from eating a regular diet for a couple of weeks, I was eating solids from the next day itself... got discharged from the hospital within 48 hours & was on the next flight back home. I recovered very quickly & in less than 6 weeks I actually forgot that I underwent a surgery coz it went so well with such an ideal bite. In my previous surgery it took over 6 months to recover and for the pain & swelling to go down. Anyways I have to mention that Dr. David Tauro with his cool attitude & temperament will take time to clarify all the weirdest of doubts, making the patient feel so warm n comfortable which makes the best part of him. His surgical skills & aesthetic perceptions are extraordinary & I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for a correction of a facial deformity or any sort of cosmetic facial enhancement. I love u so much doc and thanku for making my life a "Perfect Smile".

P. Keerthana Anand, Business Development Manager, Abhilash Constructions Pvt. Ltd. Ph : +91-96666 55888.

I got to know about “The Taulins Clinic” through a random search on the internet and my knowledge about the clinic was only what was written on the website.

Having a “not-so- great” experience of meeting three doctors from different hospitals in the past, my confidence levels of meeting another doctor was not so great. However, I was willing to give it a try. I was very impressed the way things went on at the very first consultation with him.

I was advised by Dr. David Tauro to get my dental casts done from a clinic that I knew of or any clinic for that matter. While heading to a dentist on my way back, I was almost confident but still unsure if I should really be going for this. It was a hit or miss situation, but I was willing to take a chance anyway. The next thing that happened was really unbelievable..! After preparing the cast, this dentist asked me as to how I knew Dr.David Tauro... he continued in his plain tone “ Dr.David Tauro is considered to be “The GOD” in his field and you are in the right hands”. That was such a reassuring statement, coming from a complete stranger. Maybe, it was God’s providence. I have gone through two procedures so far conducted by Dr. David Tauro in the last three months and I believe he has done a fabulous job while I am still awaiting the last one to be done in a couple of weeks.

Today, I feel much more confident about myself than ever before and I think meeting Dr.David Tauro was one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Besides being affable, the best thing about him is ..he meticulously plans, discusses the options and feasibility with you and completely puts you at ease. It truly reflects his passion towards the profession. I am really happy to write this testimonial about his work and I wouldn't hesitate in the least to recommend anyone seeking facial surgery to him. I only wish him the very best..!

Subodh S, IT Professional, Bangalore, India.

Our son Anantveer was recommended maxillofacial surgery by a few doctors when consulted for faulty secondary growth & we were very fortunate to get the reference of Dr David Tauro.

Dr David Tauro examined Anant and studied his case in detail prior to accepting the case. It most definitely was a challenging case as he not only had to work on functional aspects of his face but also address aesthetics and that is where Dr David Tauro's expertise lies in. Two days prior to surgery we were called for a detailed examination with all reports, scans and necessary documents required for surgery. He took us through his cases to instill confidence in Anant and gave us an insight into his intricate job. The whole experience was nothing short of a magical journey to see how precise and perfect he was at his work. We had not an iota of doubt as his understanding of the case was very clear.

He analysed each and every aspect in micro detail at his clinic in Bangalore. The surgery was performed by Dr David Tauro a couple of months ago & it indeed was one of his complicated cases as the surgery lasted for about five hours. However the deft handling of the case made things easier for us and the post operative care in the hospital by Dr David Tauro further assured us of positive outcome . On the day of discharge that is 72 hours post operation, we as parents felt thrilled and indebted to Dr David Tauro for an excellent job.

Dr David Tauro regularly followed up the case through. He made all efforts to ensure that his review was comforting and all restrictions & instructions post surgery were followed through. Needless to say, Anant’ s well being and interest was foremost in his mind. We as parents and Anant as a patient strictly adhere to Dr David Tauro's advice for a full and smooth recovery. Dr David Tauro is par excellence both as a professional and a human being. We feel so very privileged and blessed to have met him. Our overall experience cannot be expressed in words & we remain indebted to him and once again our family thanks Dr David Tauro for playing a pivotal role in Anants life.

Suman Gahlot, General Manager, Taj Deccan Hotel, Hyderabad.